Category 1970 trans am ram air iv for sale

1970 trans am ram air iv for sale

This Trans Am was ordered with four options. Console, pushbutton radio, and tinted windshield were three of them.

Big deal, right? The intended owner? A year-old girl who was graduating high school. Ya think the parents would be interested in adopting a year-old magazine editor? What's it worth now? A moderately sized house in the suburbs--on the good side of town.

1970 Pontiac Firebird for Sale

The die was cast. But his resolve for Pontiac's early Second-Gen F-body has not wavered. Fate took over in when Bill married Mary, who quickly came to appreciate the attributes of Second-Gen Trans Ams as well. As Bill soon learned, nothing makes restoring vintage Pontiacs more fun than a supportive spouse. Word got around the water cooler that the resto would be first class.

This kind of news usually draws some attention, and lo and behold, a friend of the Howells dropped a bombshell. He said he wanted us to have the car because he knew we would be very particular about restoring it to its original state. I was ecstatic!

1970 trans am ram air iv for sale

Once it was in their Southeastern garage, and the PHS paperwork confirmed the Bird's authenticity, the treasure hunt was on for needed parts. Then, a set of five JW-coded wheels were scored just two hours from the Howells' home. With the parts collecting moving at a brisk pace, there was action on the resto side as well.

The stock crank and rods were refurbished and retained. The newly acquired correct carb, aluminum intake with crossover, and distributor were then bolted on.Mecum Kissimmee is quickly approaching and from January 17th to 26th, many a beautiful Pontiac will be up for new ownership.

On Friday, January 24th at p. This Trans Am is especially rare as it is one of only 29 to be built utilizing a powerful Ram Air IV cubic-inch motor with an output rated at horsepower. A Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission puts all of that power to the wheels, and this car in particular underwent a restoration in the '90s but retained the original matching numbers drivetrain and blue interior.

When the F-body concept came to light, it was obvious that Pontiac had gone for a more outwardly aggressive appearance than Chevrolet had. The Camaro's design showed restraint in the use of front and rear spoilers while Pontiac's stylists and aerodynamicists added aero spats along the leading edges of wheel arches.

If you really look at the front and rear of a Trans Am, you will notice that they resemble those of a mid-sized GTO, made especially obvious in the Endura front bumper with the Firebird's twin grilles and integrated headlights. Add the "screaming chicken" hood decal, and the resulting visual impact matches its outgoing personality.

The pony car segment's performance was taken to a whole new level with the release of the Trans Am as the suspension and steering were upgraded and a new standard was set. To learn more about this Trans Am or to find out how you can bid, visit www. Stephanie Davies writer Courtesy of Mecum Auctions photographer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.From the Super Duty to the Tri-Power, Pontiac Motor Division developed some of the most infamous high-performance engine programs among the Big Three during the muscle car era.

The roots of the Pontiac Ram Air actually date to the GTO and the cid V-8, but the official nomenclature did not come into effect until The package—which could be installed by the dealer or owner—included a steel pan with foam gasket, and new a hood scoop insert that had been cut open. This package could be purchased for both four-barrel and tri-power optioned cars, and the Ram Air name become another Pontiac trademark. Detroit automakers were caught up in a horsepower war, and Pontiac engineers needed to work fast to keep up with Chevrolet, Ford, and Mopar.

Pontiac increased the bore. Then engineers improved cylinder head airflow by reducing the piston-to-valve angle from 20 to 14 degrees and increasing the valve size to 2. Pontiac updated the intake manifold design inusing the s Super Duty four-barrel manifold as the template to bolt the new Rochester Quadrajet four barrel.

The new design incorporated smoothly contoured runners to produce maximum torque at low speed. The biggest gains in horsepower, however, were made with the newly designed streamlined exhaust manifolds for the GTO. Firebirds with similar H. These engines were identified by Pontiac as H. To utilize the exhaust flow, a new hydraulic lifter camshaft was engineered. Pontiac officially dubbed it Ram Air II. This is where the confusion comes in. InPontiac introduced two updated versions of the Ram Air engines.

A special aluminum four-barrel intake, with larger runners to match the increased intake ports on the heads, was implemented as well. This manifold also featured a separate exhaust heat crossover, which was designed to keep the intake charge cool. Engineers used higher-lift 1. Both of these engines carried over into model year with minimal changes. It was never used in production, but development of the engine produced enough heads, short-block assemblies, and related rotating assemblies that the parts were offered over the parts counter at Pontiac dealerships and installed in some cars by dealers and customers.

Pontiac was looking to build three versions to make it legal for use in several competitive racing circles. Pontiac engineered a number of intakes with both single and dual four-barrel carburetor arrangements to make them better suited for their intended use, be it the strip or the high-banked oval.

The Ram Air V blocks were extreme heavy duty HD units with four-bolt mains and lifter-bore reinforcements, forged rods and crankshafts, HD transistorized ignitions, and Holley four-barrel carburetors.

While the other automakers were further developing their big-inch V-8 engines—such as the Chevrolet and Buick and Oldsmobile —Pontiac was letting it all ride on the high-revving, deep-breathing Ram Air V program as its top performer in the horsepower wars. In the end, only the and Ram Air V were slated for production use and were produced in the most volume before the program was ultimately cancelled.

It is believed about two dozen assemblies were produced before the rule change.This is a pretty rare car, but it might not be all that valuable. The VIN is listed and the title is clear.

Up for Auction: 1970 Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air IV

It has 64, miles on it. You can view more on eBay. While the seller states that the car does have PHS documentation and original build sheet, it is missing the motor and transmission. But, it would at least facilitate it and the seller notes that the car has the original 3. Inside, the car does have a RAM Air lever, so that further helps support the rarity of the car. The rest of the interior is in decent shape. It needs to be restored, but the parts seem to be there and the dash and center console all seem to be intact.

There is a lot of rust in the floors though and behind the back seat headrests. There is a lot of rust all over the car. Photos of the bottom of the car show rusted exhaust, wheel wells, suspension, and frame. The rear end of the car on the topside is rusting in many places as well. Judging, pun intended, by the looks of the car and the documented rarity, it is certainly a toss-up on how far and how much money and time need to go into this car.

Then go to car shows and say that you scrapped the original drive train for the conversion. The problem of 1 in 81 is referencing a matching numbers complete car. This is far from that. So this car not that special. After seeing pictures and BIN price.

1970 trans am ram air iv for sale

Could still make a fun car with many miles to put on it.What is left to conjecture is how many of them still exist? At this writing, the speculation is that there might be only 2 or 3. What we do know for sure is that one of them is in the Ken Nagel Collection. No one really knows that either.

1970 trans am ram air iv for sale

The answer is, not much. That catch phrase certainly applies to Ken Nagel. After extensive research produced a PHS build sheet and paperwork going back to the original owner that authenticated the car, Ken made the purchase and subsequently commissioned Level One Restoration to do a comprehensive restoration.

Since then the car has received improvements and upgrades in Darrell Davidsons shop with assistance from Chuck Henley, to correct minor deductions received at judged events. The background, history and paperwork on this car are complete in every detail, going back to the original owner.

We were able to interview Jordan along with others who were associated with the car for its entire history and record their recollections. Delivery to Pansing took place on March 16, Jordan and his friend Laurence Rich, were into fast cars back then.

Jordan and Larry were kind enough to be interviewed about the history of the Ram Turns out Larry was working his way through law school at Pansing Pontiac and remembers the car well. Jordan said that his wife drove the car to and from her job. He was a contractor and mostly drove his pick-up truck.

Jordan, who is now a successful real estate developer, still has a photo of the GTO on his desk in his office. He graciously agreed to send us a copy. The photo shows the car doing a speed run on one of the county roads outside of Denver. But in there was no demand for a convertible with a stick shift and thirsty engine, so he sold the GTO on October 29, to John Patrick Dickinson a friend, who lived in the neighborhood. John kept the car for 42 years until he sold it to Ken Nagel on November 10, Now, 42 years later it was in the restoration shop.

When it was dismantled it was found to be intact. All the pieces were in place and the body and chassis were in great condition. The GTO was painstaking brought back to build sheet specifications. The chassis and suspension components were refurbished and new bushings and joints installed. The original drivetrain was overhauled and the original heads, manifolds etc. The interior upholstery was replaced with new old stock material.

The Palomino Copper paint was accurately matched to the original finish and laid over the original sheet metal. Everything on the finished restoration from the glass, steering wheel, to those famous round-port heads was original to the car. A few NOS replacement parts were needed to make the car identical to the build sheet. The Pontiac V8 engine evolved into one of the finest performance powerplants ever inserted into a production car. Underrated from the factory at HP at 5, rpm and lb-ft of peak torque at 3, rpm, the Ram Air engine idled roughly and took some doing to drive at low speeds.

It was an engine meant to be raced not driven delicately. Today, any high-compression round-port Pontiac RA IV is highly sought after due to its low production numbers and superior performance on the street and at the strip.With the introduction of the Chevrolet Camaro infollowed one year later by its mechanical twin cousin, the Pontiac Firebird.

When you think about muscle cars and pony cars of the late s, a Pontiac Firebird such as the Pick of the Day is not always one of the first cars that comes to mind. I had a Pontiac Formula Firebird when was a young man, but we live in a city where there are many hills and rear-wheel drive is not ideal.

Classifieds for Pontiac Firebird. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Now showing page 1 of 2. Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Camaros, Mustangs and MoPars just don't floats some folks' boats. See, they like to stand out from Contact Seller. It's hard not to like this restored Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

After all, it has a beautiful f The Pontiac Trans Am created such a sensation that it remained essentially unchanged until Just had new belts, hoses and air compressor. Rust fre This beautiful car has the best of the best.

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In The Journal, brought to you by ClassicCars.If you haven't been paying attention lately, Pontiacs are red hot. Maybe it was the demise of the brand earlier this year that fueled the fire, but in the past 12 months, top-notch Pontiac muscle has skyrocketed in value.

Every time we think we've found the ultimate Poncho, something even more spectacular shows up in the showroom. At first glance you may think that the production numbers listed in the story are backward, since you may have seen 29 4-speeds and 59 automatics in print many times. According to Pontiac historian Fred Simmons, however, those numbers were accidentally swapped by Pontiac years ago, and were simply accepted by researchers at the time as being correct, but today we know they were swapped.

A life-long west coast car, this was one of only 24 RA IV cars built at the Van Nuys assembly plant, and one of only a handful to receive the California evaporative emissions control system, despite being sold in Phoenix, AZ thanks to a change alert that's noted in the PHS documents.

The RA IV Trans Am was another one of those cars that GM quietly slipped out the back door before the brass caught on—it was nearly a match for the top-of-the-line Corvette in terms of acceleration, and managed a comfortable ride and a usable back seat all at the same time.

Handling was vastly upgraded from the first generation F-bodies, and the new low and wide styling was a slam-dunk. Befitting a car of this caliber, the restoration has been executed to the highest standards throughout. With only 40, original miles, it's likely that this car has never been used in the daily grind, so opportunities for bumps and bruises were few and far between. Nevertheless, the restoration took the body down to bare metal on a rotisserie and straightened every imperfection and massaged it into spec far better than the factory could ever manage.

Gaps are exemplary, panel fit is very good, and this might be the most well assembled early F-body I've ever seen. Those massive doors close effortlessly and latch tightly without being slammed—how'd they do that? The Polar White paint matches the factory finish exactly, and the decals are exact reproductions. The optional tinted glass in this car is almost entirely unmarked, with a few indications here and there that it is a low-mileage car.

Sorting through Pontiac’s Ram Air engine production

The chrome rear bumper has been restored to better-than-new condition, and all the lenses are bright and clear. You also got a high performance camshaft with. Short-block specifications include 4-bolt mains, an Arma steel crank, cast rods and forged aluminum pistons. As you can see, the Ram Air IV was no garden-variety engine.

This one has been fully rebuilt, and as I mentioned before, retains the entire evaporative emissions control system—perhaps the only one in the world so equipped. The cylinder heads are castings, the block is a correct WW unit, the intake is a correct casting, and the unique Ram Air IV exhaust manifolds have been beautifully refinished.

1970 trans am ram air iv for sale

All the correct markings have been duplicated throughout, and the ancillary parts such as hoses and clamps are correct reproduction items. The chassis has been expertly restored as well. From the red oxide primer on the floor pans, to the Polar White overspray just as the factory did it, you'll be more than impressed with the quality of the workmanship on this car.

The Muncie M20 4-speed manual is the original, matching numbers piece, while out back, the RA IV was the only Firebird to receive a bolt rear end as standard equipment this one is packed with 3. The heavy-duty power disc brakes have been fully rebuilt, and correct Fspec shocks are at all four corners.

The dual exhaust system is an exact reproduction with an original cross-flow muffler that sounds healthy, but very stock on the streets which I suspect was a good thing when you went out hunting in your new RA IV Trans Am. Of note, if you look closely at the 15x7 Rally II wheels, you will note the wheel is comprised of a inch center with a metal band added to mate with the inch outer rim— is only year that you will find this detail.

Yes, I said original, not a new replacement interior from a kit.