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Uploaded by Unknown on June 11, This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! News from the 's I usually share these via torrent but I don't think all these files are available on archive. Plus some talk shows and specials. Any typo or error is mine. WKNR has been dark for years.

The new station owner has no jurisdiction over WKNR. So I believe the news portion might be public domain. Would anybody be able to help me clarify this? Thanks for your time and consideration! Rebecca Morton Xcon Productions Rmorton xconproductions. Reviewer: davidn - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 17, Subject: ORAL HISTORY from age 10 through 14 i would record with mics, later patch cords onto 7 inch reels i had space shots, top of the year hits, etc. Reviewer: aronzak - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 8, Subject: Great stuff Recordings from great moments in world history - the Cuban Missile Crisis, Eisenhower's closing address, discussion of the Berlin wall by reporters and JFK, Vietnam and LBJ, King and black rights, Apollo 12's landing.

Thanks a million! What no-one posted a comment! I will be delighted to be the first then. Am just now listening to a Shepard after Dwight Weise's weather forecast of puffy clouds over Times Square! The rest of this has to be priceless.

Thanks to the person who posted all this.There will be more afilliates, and more newscasts, but that familar sound is now retired. That's the latest news from ABC Radio. The Split. The 4 new networks started out with approximately affiliated stations.

According to the January 1, of Broadcasting Magazine For example, the Contemporary Network will carry five-minute newscasts at five minutes before the hour and will bolster it's coverage with either sports or American Contemporary Reportsthree and a half minutes in length and dealing with "What's in" on the world scene.

ABC News Update

The Entertainment Network will carry five-minute newscast, a minute segment by Paul Harvey and 50 minutes of the Breakfast Club. The Information Network will provide the heaviest diet of news, supplying blocks of minute, five-minute, and three-an-a-half-minutes of news and sports each day. Beaudin's belief that conventional networks faced the problems of clearance because there was more product available than was desired by stations. This in turn, led to sales problems. Beaudin reasoned that a line-up of similar stations could provide advertisers with 'a national target audience.

abc radio news sounder

Also gone was the hour long NewsScope at PM. The FCC. The change to 4 separate news networks required approval from the FCC. The FCC said "The proposal merits encouragement as a new and imaginative approach" to radio networking. ABC was required to submit a comprehensive report on the proposal every six months. Overlapping Problems.

The change to 4 separate news networks did cause some problems. With the minute Breakfast Club being fed to the Entertainment Network at EST except for the in western states where ABC allowed delayed broadcasts to avoid being on in drive-time five or ten minute of program overlaps occurred in some markets where the network had multiple affiliates. A rule waiver had to be granted or a violation of the chain broadcasting rule would have occurred. The rule's primary purpose was to bar NBC from continuing to operate two full-fledged networks, the Red and the Blue.

Reaction from affiliates. According to the January 15, issue of Broadcasting Magazine, after two weeks of on-air operations of the new radio feeds, reactions ranged from 'very pleased' to 'negative'. One long term ABC affiliate - now prevented from using the words "ABC Radio" simply because such a network no longer exists - said that he found the lack of exclusivity acute. What does American Entertainment of American Information mean to our listeners?

We were led to believe there would be stronger, more complete news, but this apparently isn't so. I have a feeling there's been a degradation in quality. Special thanks to Bob Gibson for providing the articles from Broadcasting Magazine used for this section of the websiteTechnologically no longer needed.

CBS News Radio Goes Chirpless

RIP chirp! For decades, local stations relied on the networks to send various tones in order to trigger various elements. The chirp is an automation start pulse. It can be used by stations to switch equipment, but it actually was used in the network control room to start cartridge machines. The producer of the newscast who sits in the studio alongside of the newscaster had a toggle switch on the table to sound the chirp.

The chirp before the bong might start the jingle. The chirp before the ads starts the ads. They had a bank of three sets of four cart machines for the ads, one machine for each of four segments of the country.

If there were split-ads that were heard in only part of the country there might be different ads in the machines on the same bank. If the ad was nationwide there was an identical cartridge in each of the four machines. The bongs were automatically sounded by a clock, but the chirps were manually hit. Another radio tech fixture gone off to wherever dead tech goes to die. Signals like that, which were on all the networks in some form, were also used to alert stations about upcoming news bulletins.

The problem was that stations that received their net feed via landline from a receiver located somewhere else other than their studio would be out of luck. Many stations at the time had their 6 foot or bigger dishes with satellite receivers at their transmitter sites.

Mutual ultimately quieted the bee-doops by modifying the square-wave signal generators which originally came from similar equipment used in the two-way radio industry to send barely audible, but easily detected, sine-wave signals instead. I suspect similar difficulties with distant landline-connected downlinks also delayed CBS and possibly other nets from eliminating such in-band signals for many years.

How big is a CBS downlink dish today? How can they eliminate something like this without seriously affecting us radio people? Listen to an old aircheck with a phone conversation or an interview done over the phone to relive the exciting days of radio. Remember when you called some chick for a date using the radio station telephone, and she would say. I was a big fan of the Mystery Theater in the s, and dialed around late at night to hear numerous CBS Radio affiliates carrying Mystery Theater at various times.

This second version fo the NetALERT system had numerous combinations of multi-frequency chirps, so any specific function could be signaled with ONE unique chirp, rather than a sequence of two to nine uniform bleeps of course a single bleep was the most common one in the NetALERT system. ABC Radio had a signaling system which began in Jan. Will miss the chirp. It made the broadcasts unique. Are your NBC mp3 files of the top-of-the-hour Monitor and hourly-news segments posted anywhere? If not, let me know and if you could e-mail them to me, I would be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance! NBC Radio hourly news is running commercials again, but the news is still related to immediate aftermath of the death of Kennedy. You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to Reply. Comment with your CNYRadio. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Discussion in ' Visual Arts ' started by ScooterpietyJul 23, Log in or Sign up.

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Old radio news sounders, jingles. Location: Oregon. Does anyone know of a website or other source that might have some of the old sounders, jingles and cue tones from old NBC, CBS and Mutual newscasts? I'd like to find some stuff from around Complete old top and bottom of the hour newscasts would be cool too.

abc radio news sounder

ScooterpietyJul 23, Location: Floral Park, NY. ScooterpietyJul 24, Location: Hollywood Hills, Ca. Steve D. Location: Portland, Oregon. There's also reelradio. Lord HawthorneJul 24, Location: Hudson,Florida U. Location: The West.

Dan CJul 26, Location: Sunny Central Florida. I can tell you that the News intros I heard tended to be toward the end, and the very final element is the Monitor Beacon which is also on the page as a separate element. Good stuff, and well preserved and presented. HGNJul 26, Location: Long Island. Drawer LJul 26, Location: Philadelphia, PA. Radio sounders, jingles, and program themes are great for taking one back in time. ScooterpietyJul 27, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?WLS started this "art form" in the 70s by airing a recap of the past years hits every New Year's Eve at midnight, adding another minute or so each year to represent each "old year.

Here are a couple of versions of the WLS Montage. The first is an actual aircheck of fairly good quality This version is a complete and absolutely faithful stereo rebuild of the original montage, produced by Scott Childers www. This final version is my production. For New Year's Eve leading intoI added the new segment and retro-expanded the montage to The last few years of this piece contain montage elements produced by Scott Childers.

I'm told it helped him obtain record donations!

1960-1969 Radio News

Cloud, MN. Current Photo Dave Malmberg. Includes newscasts by Jim West and Tal Bartell. This was 10 days before the release of "Macho Man" which was their first single. Formerly known as "Love ". Note: Portions of the airchecks have some static due to the station's transmitter located in Somerset, WI at that time. KLBB ce ased broadcasting on March 31, as the 3. K-Lakes went. Station's final sign-off with Bob Bundgaard. Learn more about Hall of Fame broadcasters Allen Gray.

Here is an aircheck of the start of the new format. Here is an aircheck of a legal ID. The Cooper Theater opened inwhich was one of the first in the country to be specially outfitted for Cinerama, a style that used three film projectors synchronized to make a panoramic image. Located at Wayzata Boulevard in St. Eventually, a second, smaller theater—called the Cameo—was added onto the building, but the main room was not divided.

In September of that year, the Cooper Theater was torn down. Back inKOLM was a quintessential example of what radio once was — Mom and Pop owned, decidedly local, and very much live.Download the ABC listen app to listen to NewsRadio live, podcasts, create a playlist and download episodes to listen offline.

Love to dig deeper than the headlines? There are calls for greater protection for Qantas staff to try and stop them becoming infected with Covid Queensland Coalition MP Andrew Laming, who's a medical specialist and former infectious disease researcher says the sooner trials begin to restore some semblance of normal life, the better. An outbreak in north-west Tasmania forces the Government to enact some of the country's harshest restrictions on businesses and close two hospitals for deep cleaning.

Follow live. Brendan Murphy says Australia is "in a good place" with its coronavirus situation, but warns against complacency as community transmission and returning travellers pose serious threats. The flattening of the coronavirus curve in Australia has beaten even the government's expectations. A product of that success has been a rapid gear shift in sentiment.

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Old radio news sounders, jingles.

Listen back on demand Love to dig deeper than the headlines? News briefing Get your news fast! Latest Audio Load more chevron right. The Ticket: 12 April Desperate times: sports are in the market for islands. ACTU calls for improved protection for Qantas staff There are calls for greater protection for Qantas staff to try and stop them becoming infected with Covid Liberal MP Andrew Laming calls for return to normal life Queensland Coalition MP Andrew Laming, who's a medical specialist and former infectious disease researcher says the sooner trials begin to restore some semblance of normal life, the better.

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Live: Coronavirus updates An outbreak in north-west Tasmania forces the Government to enact some of the country's harshest restrictions on businesses and close two hospitals for deep cleaning.

ABC Contemporary Sounder

Bringing people home carefully Brendan Murphy says Australia is "in a good place" with its coronavirus situation, but warns against complacency as community transmission and returning travellers pose serious threats. There's one question house-bound Australians are asking The flattening of the coronavirus curve in Australia has beaten even the government's expectations.Thanks to David Winner for providing these classic sounders.

David also provided the inspiration to start this addition to my sites. Don McNeil's Breakfast Club aired every weekday morning. On June 15,a newspaper article heralded a change in radio news that would affect all of us who listened to radio news Tonight radio history will be made Today, we change our name from the Blue Network to one that we feel more truly expresses the reason for our existence.

Audio from the final newscast is on the ABC Split page. See the menu on the left. January 1,ABC Radio split it's stations into 4 demographic networks The ABC Information Network provided the heaviest diet of news, with blocks of minute, five-minute, and three and a half minutes of news and sports each day.

abc radio news sounder

Gone were the long newscasts in the early evening. Newscasts were at on American Contemporary Radio. Howard Cosell's 'Speaking of Sports' was also a staple in both morning and afternoon drive hours.

abc radio news sounder

Many thanks go out for those who have been kind enough to help provide me with names, pictures and sounds for this tribute to ABC News. It is always rewarding to know that we can still touch people's memories with this labor of love.

American Contemporary Radio Network Sounder. American Entertainment Radio Network Sounder. American Information Radio Network Sounder. This is news from American Contemporary Radio Hear news of the hour on the hour around the clock from American Information Radio Here's the latest worldwide news from the Entertainment Network ABC News Now is a 24 hour service.

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