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Hiniker cab air conditioner

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hiniker cab air conditioner

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hiniker cab air conditioner

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Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N. Massey Ferguson. View previous topic :: View next topic. Since I aquired a cheap, will have a lot of time tied up in it, and virtually everything on it rebuilt by the time I'm done I have considered adding a cab to it instead of selling it and buying a similar size tractor with a cab.

Oddly enough the only thing "complicated" I see about it is mounting the compressor and getting everything to fit in the limited space between the engine and radiator. The 50 series tractors had a double crank pulley and apear also had a longer front frame adding some extra room.

The double pulley from a fits the crank but then requires a creative pump drive. The 's single belt doesn't allow adding a compressor to the mix with what would seem to be an adequate wrap on all pulleys involved. I've seen several 's with hiniker cabs for sale but none had AC. Curious if anyone has added a compressor to one of these tractors and if so what combination was used.

No point reinventing the wheel. Back to top. I realize a good bit is involved. The cab will need to mount lower than usual and will require total fab of the floor. Having the lower profile is some of the appeal.

There were lots of 2X30 to 2X50 models with a cab.

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With the exception of the shift linkage having such a doner would simplify the project. Although I would prefer a square cab. Not a big fan of the curved SG2 unless the price is right. Have access to one for scrap price so that makes it much more attractive. I agree with Tim. I posted a parts photo of a compressor mount from a This is the crankshaft pulley part RCall us on Total Price:. UA Cab Kit Without Headliner,Fits:, Headliner must be ordered separately-- It isn ot included in this kit Interior upholstery kit is pre-cut, presewn, complete and ready to install with adhesive and instructions.

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This is a few years back, but when a chain link flew thru the rear window of my dad's Hiniker cabwe simply replaced the whole sliding rear window with a single tempered glass.

Took the frame to the local window shop and let them fix it. We never used the slide anywayalways just swung the frame open. Hope you can find what you need! Thanks Jeff. The slide has been bad for years, but just left the window open because the tractor was only used during the spring and fall.

It really opens up your view to the rear instead of having to look through perennially dirty glass Seems like the windows are filthy 5 minutes after you clean them.

Circumstances have necessitated running this tractor to spread manure. Dad got the window slid closed but it wasn't easy.

hiniker cab air conditioner

He mentioned wishing that he could get a new track for it. I looked but couldn't find anything, so I thought I'd ask here even though I'm pretty sure of the answer.

I got my last track from a shop that cuts safety glass and had several universal retainers on hand lots of old school stuff, now that place has been sold and when you call them the first words are do you have insurance so you know what kind of service they offer now. Two of us could do a heated "Tractor Cab" in a 8 hour day. Many "RV" repair facility's have extra windows that are obsolete to the newer campers that might fit your Frame. You can post now and register later.

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Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. General IH Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted February 11, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 12, Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Shop Now. View Cart. Allis Chalmers. Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N. John Deere.

Massey Ferguson. View previous topic :: View next topic. I just bought a Farmall with a Hiniker cab. Is the cab a ROPS? I don"t think that it is, but I don"t know. Back to top. I have a Hiniker, makes more noise than anything. It would not support the weight of my tractor. It beats setting out in the sun or the 20 degree North wind however Richard E. My neighbor has one on his XT and it looks like his. My 2 cents Koeppel: Hiniker and Year A Round are the same cab.

They are not a ROPS cab. That cab is not truely a ROPS cab from an engineering point of view. At the same time it is not a "soft" cab.New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. I'm trying to find filter for my with year-a-round cab. I need the filter for the air conditioner condenser at top rear of cab. It seems that year-a-round is no longer in business. The filter is kinda like wire mesh type and measures I called hiniker cab co.

Does anyone know of a part of any kind for this filter? Thanks for any help!!!!! I did the same thing for a year a round on a Thanks Bradley I called the phone you posted and it for JARI usa. They have remaining inventory of year-a-round,but they did not have the filter I need. I tried NAPA this morning with no luck. I took out the filter and searched for a part ,also no luck. I called Baldwin co.

I would call it more of a trash screen than filter. It keeps bigger stuff from clogging the AC condenser,but dust will pass thru it. I'm sure year-a-round sold alot of these cabs with air conditioning.The old diamond cab doesn't even have side windows that you can open up, just the rear one. Are they still in business? My has a cab like that on, but I think mine came from Year A Round with it on. The cab roof is longer where the condenser fits and the fan housing hangs under the roof.

Or anyone know of a cab with AC already on it for sale? Or maybe a Hiniker? Tommy, any info on DTAC? I have been thinking about putting ac in my CAT backhoe. Guy almost needs it even in the winter it gets so hot in there. I have a QT1 off a with air cab is in good shape interior shot but windows doors and everything in good shape except condenser on back idiot smashed it pulling tractor with fork lift but I'd move it to the front like a 86 series my.

Year a Round is still in business and they have a website, just go on yahoo or google and should be able to find it. They have a pretty extensive list of parts and I think alot of AC stuff is listed. I have the same cab on a and mine has had the condensor moved in front of the radiator with donor parts from the 86 series tractors. I need a left door for my cab if anyone has one let me know.

I'd take a whole cab if the price was right and it was not too far away. I put some larger rear tires on and forgot to close the door one day before backing up and presto, bent door. We put it in a press and straightened best we could but It still doesn't close up like one would that had never been bent, but close enough for the AC to still do a decent job. Eagle Air was bought out by a company in Fairmont MN. I have the name and phone at my shop if anyone wants it.

Too much for me! I also got a number for an outfit in Ohio from Hiniker, also not all the parts available. They have roof mount units that can be used.

Also, Year A Round doesn't have the evaporator or the rear mount condensor anymore. I think the biggest challenge will be finding the parts to go into the original heater and blower motor housing in the cab because you need a drip pan to get the water out of the cab, and a thermostat switch.

The reciever dryer could go in front like the 86 series had. I'd like to see a wiring diagram for this if anyone has one. I guess the best option is finding a cab with AC on it, good luck on that idea, huh! I found the number that Hiniker gave me. The number and name that Year a Round gave me is Kenway Engineering, Funny how I got a different name and number for who took over Eagle Air from each place.

You can still get the basic parts like the expansion valve, receiver dryer, and switches. Most of these items are generic and not specific to one model of machine.

Unless an evaporator core is too thin from age most radiator shops can repair them.

hiniker cab air conditioner

You might try to find a junk yard that may have sprayers in it. You would still need a condensor externally mounted. Some of the older tractors and combines also used a complete unit on top of the cab. The only thing with any of these is having the hoses made up which some places can do. Check for this also- On the new at the time with the IH diamond cab that I drove for a local farmer when I was in high school, there was a factory built-in provision on the diamond cab for propping both doors open.

As I remember, there was a prop rod on each door which you could hook the end of into a tubular fastener on the front edge of the cab frame, thus enabling the doors to be propped open for more ventilation.