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Ls conversion patrol

Swap boat or offroad caravan ls1 turbo gu patrol dual cab conversion, including child restraints engineered remote res fox shocks dobinson coils with hd in Up for sale is my 96 gq patrol with a cammed ls1 details in pictures text inquiries as im a shift worker selling due to unfortunately losing my licence so not Gu nissan patrol 4x4 rolling shell with complete diffs etc only things missing will be engine gearbox perfect ls1 xr6t v8 42td etc project it has sa rego Swaps for 4wd only series or hiluxcruiser or patrol ect need gone as dont use it and it just sits here holden vz ss ls1 6speed with heavy duty Nissan patrol converted professionally by pid diesel engineeringks on engine out of wh statesman mod plated ls1 57l dark windows 3 exhaust electronic Eoi need a ute for work swaps for a turbo diesel 4x4 tray ute plus cash adjustment my way patrolcruiser ute or dual cab Hilux Built GU wagon S2 LS1 dx For instant contactinquires call or text mick anytime nissan patrol fully engineered ls1 57l gen3 automatic2 year warranty reg and rwcertificatels Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Ls1 patrol for sale.

BUILT NOT BOUGHT Ep.16 -- LS Swap Into Patrol

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Receive the latest listings for Ls1 patrol for sale Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Ls1 patrol for sale. Email field should not be empty Please enter a valid email address. You can cancel email alerts at any time. Save your search. Nissan 7. Reduced price.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Print this Page. This custom made bell housing is engineered and manufactured exclusively by Mark's 4WD Adaptors. The bell housing spaces the new engine away from the irregular shape of the Nissan Patrol firewall. No firewall modifications or re-positioning of the transfer case is required. The bell housing is designed to allow the right hand exhaust to cross under and give as much clearance as possible.

We supply an input shaft extension which fits over the original Nissan gearbox input shaft - this shaft allows us to change to the 26 tooth GM spline allowing us to use a GM style clutch which has a much higher clamping ability compared to the Nissan clutch. The heavy duty billet flywheel has been designed for 4wd applications. It is 10mm thicker than the factory LS flywheel which is prone to cracking.

The greater weight also helps the engine maintain momentum at low revs when 4WDing.

Ls1 patrol for sale

The kit includes a new clutch master cylinder and self adjusting concentric slave cylinder which is matched perfectly to the clutch. The engine mount rubbers in this kit are a brand new item which has been designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for this engine conversion.

The factory chassis posts require careful removal and the new posts welded and then painted. The block brackets will bolt up to the block and the new engine mounts will fit up to these and the newly welded in chassis posts. Note: Vehicles must run a vacuum clutch booster to fit the master cylinder supplied in this kit. Email: sales marks4wd. Log In. My Account My Cart Checkout. Part Finder. Compare Products. My Cart. You have no items in your shopping cart.

Availability: In stock. Ask for more information about this product. Ask for more information about this product Company Name.In fact, neither the 4. But the old 4. How times change!


But lack of power can be fixed, particularly in a GU Patrol which is simple, lacks modern electronics, has a big engine bay and a strong, robust drivetrain. All the tail shafts are the factory Nissan 3ltr manual ones including the gearbox cross member.

Like the exhaust, that reduces the energy requires for the engine to operate, this time by making it easier to draw air into the cylinders. So this Patrol has a lot more power thanks to the LS3, loses less power to the exhaust system, and it has an extra gear ratio with a six-speed auto compared to the five-speed manual, or two if you compare it to the 4-speed auto in the standard Patrols. Taller tyres mean you enjoy increased ground clearance, improved approach, ramp and departure angles, the ability to air down further, and better obstacle-climbing ability.

The disadvantages of taller tyres are the extra power needed, higher gearing, increased stress on the drivetrain, and reduced braking capacity. The drivetrain is stock as it is Patrol-tough, but the brakes need attention. Automatic transmissions are fluid couplings, which means the wheels can turn somewhat independently of the drivetrain.

A torque converter in effect removes the fluid coupling so a direct connection from wheels to engine is made, and engine braking is effective.

What are the top 3 things you love about your Patrol? Top 3 things you hate about it or want to improve? Needs new gearing in the transfer case to help with the torque convertor lock up on downhill sections Need to fit bigger fuel tank for the longer distance trips Not getting to use it enough! What sort of fuel consumption do you get? How much difference has that made? Gives me a lot more confidence as I can have more control while driving the hard stuff.

Finally, why run 37s as opposed to 33s, what made you say it was worth the extra? This is the second Patrol that I have had with 37s, some of the places we like to go having the better ground clearance is a real advantage. First Name:. Email address:. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign me up for the newsletter! Leave this field empty.One of the most common oversights during an LS swap is ignoring the cooling system components.

We went with the direct-fit model, which is good for horsepower. PN: And with its aluminum construction, these radiators are percent lighter than most of the OEM radiators they replace. CAB-brazed and its non-epoxy construction make the radiators repairable, and includes an OEM sized brass petcock. Fan Options. High-torque electric fans allow for a consistent amount of airflow at any RPM. Fan modules include all of the necessary components to convert from a mechanical fan to an electric fan for the LS swap.

There are four types of fan designs Be Cool supplies:. These images Be Cool has provided us explain the differences between pusher and puller type electric fans. It is extremely important to know the difference when purchasing a direct-fit module. They are designed to work with all radiator and fan modules offered. There are a couple of different choices when it comes to fan wiring harness kits.

You can choose a kit with, or without, a temperature sending unit. Choosing A New Radiator. Our Be Cool radiator module is rated at horsepower. It included dual inch SPAL fans, and an optional 7-plate cooler for our automatic transmission. Also included were the aluminum mounting brackets, wiring harness and dual amp relays, and an aluminum recovery tank. These radiators are dual one-inch cores with. These are a lot of different dimensions you can choose from, from as small as inches by inches, to as large as Keeping Cool Percent of The Time.

The type of coolant used will also play a critical role in the cooling of any engine. This is due to the minerals and other additives found in tap water. A good recommendation is to check for clean and proper grounds. And, most importantly, our coolant is made right here in the USA.There have been guys doing it for a few years. But, we still get questions from time to time asking us about what parts are needed to actually complete the swap.

There is no doubt that the swap can be very time and patience consuming, so we are going to show you guys where to get the parts, and who makes them. In our next installmentwe will cover the required fuel system scooling, and ignition sources. You could probably fabricate your own mounts and design your own ignition-control system, and you might even save some money in the process, but is that really an attainable task?

Why spend your weekend trying to make parts that are already available? Check out our list, and find out for yourself how easy it can be to install an LS engine into your classic Chevy. Once you have the old engine, wiring, and the other ancillary items ripped out of the way, you now have an engine bay that is ready for a new-or new-to-you-LS engine.

ls conversion patrol

But, before you begin, the first thing you need to do is to figure out how you are going to mount your LS. Mounting an LS into a classic Chevy requires both the engine-mount plates leftand the engine mounts right.

When installing any engine into any car, paying close attention to driveline angles and engine positioning is critical. You might not realize it, but if you fabricate your own mounts and then just throw the engine in place, there is a very good possibility of the angles being incorrect.

We remedied that problem with an article dedicated to that very subject. Luckily, there are different companies that have taken the time, and used the resources, to develop and offer engine mounts and mounting kits to help enthusiasts swap an LS engine into their classic.

The hard part is deciding which company you want to use. Their LS mounting brackets have greasable polyurethane mounts to dampen vibration, but still provide a solid feel. If using an aftermarket oil pan, some crossmember trimming may be needed. They deliver a package of high quality, LS swap parts that are made in the U.

Speedtech tells us that their headers will clear both factory style and rack and pinion steering, and the oil pan clears crossmembers on Camaros, Chevelles, and Novas. Hooker not only makes headers for just about any make car, they also make engine mounts, These LS swap mounts are designed to make swapping an LS engine into your classic musclecar or truck as easy as possible.

The trick is finding a pair that will fit your chassis-good luck.

ls conversion patrol

The engine mounts and the manner of their installation usually determines if there is exhaust manifold compatibility. For that reason, headers are your best option when installing an LS engine. Available in either traditional metallic-ceramic coating, or their newest offering that they call Darksides ceramic coating. Their traditional metallic-ceramic coatings are good for up to 1, degrees, and the Darksides can withstand temperatures up to 1, degrees.

These coatings on the headers make either of these an excellent choice for your car. For you A-body guys, they even have them for the to Chevelle as well. The full-length header is designed for a precise fit, and will deliver increased performance over factory manifolds. We do have to let you know that unfortunately, these headers have not passed C. When swapping an LS with a late-model transmission into a classic Chevy, an aftermarket crossmember is usually required.

ls conversion patrol

If you are not comfortable with that scenario, like we said, there are companies that offer bolt-in crossmembers for classic Chevys. While Hooker does make a transmission swap crossmember, they tell us that it is designed to work with their engine-mounting components.

If you decide to get your transmission crossmember from Speedtech Performance, they would like you to know that they are engineered to be fully adjustable. This means that they can be moved forward or rearward in the vehicle. The Speedtech crossmember is designed and built using a small diameter bar that is strong enough to hold your transmission in place, yet still allow ample room for more exhaust clearance than other versions.

So, you can use that larger three-inch exhaust that you have been planning to install. You have probably heard horror stories about oil pan clearance issues when sliding an LS engine into a musclecar.As passionate vehicle enthusiasts we understand the demands people expect from their pride and joy.

We have a team of fully qualified staff with years of expert knowledge backed with a fully specced workshop suitable for any task at hand. We treat your vehicle as if it our own and our attention to detail is second to none.

We use only the best products and genuine certified parts, our focus is on quality and longevity. Love your diesel powered Nissan Patrol but missing the extra power, torque and economy? Towing is a breeze, so is the ability to go places and take on hills and terrain previously not possible. The in-house dyno makes tuning easier, quicker and safer. The controlled environment lets our technicians set all the parameters to the exact setting for your specific vehicles needs.

We service all makes and models of vehicles in our state of the art workshop facilities. We are right up to play with the latest computer scanning, tooling and software to read all the electrical circuits in newer vehicles.

No vehicle brand or type is beyond our scope. All remapping is customised to your vehicle. The extra torque will make the vehicle much smoother and easier to drive, this in turn improves fuel economy. Want the ease of an automatic transmission in your vehicle? We have the experience, parts and workshop facilities to convert your vehicle into a customised auto version.

We also create alloy water tanks, toolboxes and snorkels, all which are made to suit your vehicle. Powered coating is also available as a popular option. A to service my families vehicle for the past 3 years. I travel long distances for work and need a reliable vehicle, so the turn around time was important to me to minimise the down time.

Their quoted price was great and they only used the best parts. I had been looking for quite some time for a reputable company to convert my Nissan Patrol engine to something more powerful.

Im very pleased I found Engine Conversions Australia. They made it so easy for me, arranging interstate transport to collect my vehicle from home and return.

The price they quoted me was right on and the work top notch. How much will it cost? Currently we quote on each vehicle to ensure each customers specific needs are catered for. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Using this engine was an easy decision as they meet emissions standards up toavailable locally with off the shelf spare parts. By sourcing a diesel engine with modern engine technologically we can easily tune the vehicle to suit your driving needs.

What is the time frame to do conversion? Time to replace your engine will be business days from delivery of the vehicle to our workshop. Can you pick my vehicle up? Yes we can organise transport of your vehicle from anywhere in Australia. What do you do with the old engine? Our pricing includes a trade-in value for your old engine, and recycling of all oil and coolants.Thinking of repowering your 4X4?

Strap on your engineer hat as we dive deep into the world of engine conversions…. An LS1 fitted to Holden Commodores in Australia makes a claimed kW and will use only slightly more fuel in the process. They are one of the most challenging modifications you will make to a 4X4, though.

Custom car: LS3 powered V8 Patrol

There are so many components that need to work in harmony with each other; not to mention tuning said new engine to perform efficiently. Then you have to make it legal to drive on the road while being reliable enough to take off-road. So while it can be a headache, the good news these days is there is information everywhere for most popular conversions. There are several LS motors available globally — ranging in power and torque delivery not to mention price.

Despite everyone going overhead cams these days, GM opted to stick with pushrods. Rumour has it that they wanted to show they could get great power and economy out of older technology. They sure showed… whomever it was they were trying to show. Take one stupidly solid and reliable platform used to power taxis for a million kilometres, bolt on a turbo and enjoy. While the LS conversion is one of the most common and straightforward to perform, for Blue Oval fans the Barra gives the LS a run for its money.

If the LS series of motors is one of the most common V8 swaps these days worldwide, the 5. Why is that? See above… Barra power, baby! Heaps of power, mountains of torque and economy on par with a four-cylinder with less than half the capacity. When a Duramax comes up for sale near you for a good price there are only two questions you need to ask: How much and give it to me!

Legions of fans from all over the world have made this one of the best supported powerplants on the aftermarket, and people are turning up the wick on them, taking them to the drags… and winning. How does a reliable 1, HP sound? Yep, return pretty good economy in stock form too. Just about any 4X4 will benefit with one of these in between the frame rails. The venerable 6. The issue with them, however, is that there are simply better options available these days.

Unless you have one sitting on a stand in your garage ready to drop into your fourby, there are engines that make more power and better economy for similar dollars out there. The 3. These days they are outclassed massively by smaller capacity motors such as the 2. The one advantage of the old 3. Like really cheap… if you spend more than a few hundred bucks on the thing you have been ripped off.

All engines benefit from having a turbo strapped onto the exhaust manifold even one with a turbo already installed. Having a new or upgraded hairdryer installed will see your engine make more power, work more efficiently and if driven correctly use less fuel. But some NA engines are more suited to turbocharging than others.

Likewise the TB48 petrol 4.