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But the horrible thing was, he essentially robbed me of any free will. I had a tiny zit on my nose?

Bullying Stories post

A boy I like, my best friend, and my other friend and I were all hanging out at a school Halloween event, we were waiting to go in the haunted house. My bully and a few of his dumb friends were behind us in line.

My best friend and the boy would answer questions if he spoke to us, helping me ignore him, and at one point when he was staring at me, my crush gently nudged me around a corner out of sight and stood in front of me. My name is Will. I am 14 year old hiker, runner, and boy scout and I was bullied as well. Hi my name is Marisela. I was bullied from 1st all the way to 5th grade.

I have a crush on my bully!?

I'm in 11th grade now and i'm now 17, so it was a long time ago. But the scars from all those years of bullying are still there.

I was a very quiet and shy kid so i guess that made me an easy target and i was treated pretty much like dirt. I should also mention my dad passed away when i was 6 and on top of that i was being bullied. When i got a little older i became depressed a lot and i never knew why. By the time i was 15 i realized i was feeling so depressed because i hadn't gotten over being bullied and i realized that i need to come to terms with that in order to move on with my life.

You have to forgive because if you live with this hatred in our heart all your doing is hurting yourself. Forgiveness doesn't make what that person did to you right, forgiveness is for you so that you can move on and be happy. This process of forgiveness is something i'm still going through. I'm over the bullying for the most part but as for the people who hurt me its gonna take longer for me to forgive them for that. From my experience i've learned so much and its made me such a strong person.

And i have to give a huge thanks to my family who love me unconditionally especially my mom she's everything to me. I've come a long way and my life is doing pretty good right now. If your being bullied please stay strong because life has so much in store for you and you won't want to miss out on it. Hey my name is William but I go by Curtis. My dad is active military and was deployed for most of my younger years.

We moved about every years so making friends was more an more difficult and people seemed to think the new kid was an easy target to pick on. So from 3rd grade and on I was bullied for any an every reason. I was small, skinny, had big teeth, had a military style backpack, had a high voice, etc. Life was an awful thing to love everyday and there are so many time I wanted to quit. Just end it all. I cried everyday and tried to do anything I could to just fit in.

my bully wattpad

I tried laying low, I tried hiding, and even football because football players are popular. I got -2 yards and a concussion because they put me, an 87 pound freshman at fullback against a pound Samoan. He then told me "you are too small to ever amount to anything in sports".

Here comes the best part. I moved to Arizona as a sophomore in HS. No one knew me. I saw a quote online saying how wrestling is the only sport where you can be a champion no matter how small you are. I was Hooked.Well to put it simple, this is a very confusing topic. My crush, is a guy who constantly picks on me. And when I mean he picks on me, he constantly tells me I'm ugly, stupid, and should just kill myself.

The thing is, I had a crush on him back in 6th grade and he did the exact same stuff to me, now I'm in 8th. I have no idea what my problem is, how could I like such a guy? I had once come to thought that it was because he had actually showed me attention, which barely anyone ever does to me, not even my family. But seeing as my friends hang out with me all day at school, i know that attention is not the reason this evil guy is my crush.

This guy is a Nazi, literally. He hates Jews. Im not sure if it's because we have so much in common, coming from a house of kids, and constantly being the punching bag for our siblings. He is really cute in my eyes, but I'm not the type to fall mainly for appearances.

Once I had been drawing during class, we had five free minutes till bell, and he and his friends saw my drawings, they were awed. He had told his friends that if I was to draw a picture of him then he would never insult me again, that sentence had stayed in my mind ALL day. I stayed up till 11 PM working on his picture, I even got grounded for staying up past my bedtime. Anyways, while I was about to give him the picture next morning he had glared at me and told me to turn around in my seat, I did.

I never gave the picture to him, even though it looked exactly like him. I don't know why he treats me like this, he's kinda nice to everyone, hence the kinda. But he just plain out hates me, and the thing is, he knows I like him, he dosent give a crap.

I don't know what to do, why do I like him? And the thing is, whenever he insults me, shouts at me, or ignores me, it hurts my heart a lot, and he knows but dosent care. Well I would really appreciate some tips on the subject, and scientific guesses on why I like him even though he hates my guts. Well think of it this way, would you really want to be in a relationship with him. If you were this would be straight up an abusive relationship.

And that would suck balls. You remind me of me soo much when I was in 7, and 8th grade. I liked a guy, and when he found out turned the whole grade against me and bullied me until we graduated.

Like you I was confused and as hurt as you were. Now I'm graduating High school in June and have been interested in guys that have treated me like a queen and guys who know I like them and even though they may not like me back they still treat me like one Anyways what I'm trying to say is move on, as a young woman u deserve sooo much better sweet heart. That boy isn't worth your life, health, talent, time etc etc.

Get over him fast before you get depressed like I once did.

my bully wattpad

Which I think now could have greatly been avoided if I knew better back then and got over him quick enough Life is rough and unfair darhling but don't let it break your heart too much. Move on. Answer Save. Please Inbox me if you find this insightful.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Shinsou Hitoshi wasn't the only misfit in class 1-C. Midoriya Izuku becomes 1 Police Enemy by being a little shit who knows the law, and befriends everyone in his way. He may also have a plan for a certain purple head he knows. Hisashi comes back home some time during Izuku's first year of middle school and finds out about the bullying. He ends up moving his family closer to his company's main office in Tokyo where he's been transferred.

Fortunately for Izuku, he moves to the same school and class as Kaminari Denki. They're fast friends, but after a suggestion from Kaminari they start doing technically-legal vigilante work. The story of a young Bakugou Katsuki in middle school as he goes through life day by day, doing whatever he wants when he wants simply because he CAN.

But, when a young girl who can't seem to understand anything he's saying sits in his seat, like the coming of Spring, it signifies the change of both out and within the soul. Suddenly, a new student starts to attend and his seemingly perfect construct of control is abolished. He hates her guts and openly talks smack about her, but little does he know that she actually can't hear any of it.

Declared quirkless at birth, he has to defy every expectation set of him. Even if he doesn't have a quirk, he can still become a hero, right? Midoriya Izuku has always been a walking ray of sunshine. At least, that's all his class in UA has seen. He laughs at Bakugou's jabs at his efforts, laughs when Bakugou says he's worthless wannabe hero scum.

His class laughs with him, because as long as Midoriya's fine, they're fine. Some of them come to wonder how Midoriya's always happy, but they usually chalk it up to his bubbly personality and cheerful friends.

They're wrong. Midoriya is angry. But he knows his place, knows lashing out won't do him any good, so he resorts to his only coping mechanism - it never fails him. So when Aizawa is walking back to the dorms at 2am after grabbing some papers he needed to grade from the school, you can imagine his surprise when he sees the lights to the gym are on. You can also imagine his horror when he quietly walks into the weightroom to a furious Midoriya, screaming insults and jabs at a very beaten-up punching bag Midoriya has dubbed "Baka-gou".

Maybe Midoriya isn't all that happy all the time. In a different universe Midoriya Izuku is a reckless idiot, in this one he's also a reckless idiot but hey! At least he can throw knives.To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes.

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Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. It is not psychologically healthy or accepted at all in real life but they're great to read about. Straight, gay and everything in between.

But not actual BDSM romantica stories. Penelope Douglas Goodreads Author. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Reid Goodreads Author. Penelope Ward Goodreads Author. Erin Watt Goodreads Author Pseudonym.

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I first found out about Wattpad way back in my middle school days which was about four or five years ago.

my bully wattpad

I also saw that Wattpad had a community of writers who were unpublished and posting just for the heck of it. I was amazed, to say the least. I thought it was incredible that there was a website and app dedicated to books, readers, and unpublished authors.

Now, Wattpad has undoubtedly grown and expanded.

Bully Love Stories

They even have another app for texting stories. First, my experience in middle school was probably better than now because this was the first time I was getting into the Young Adult genre. I found that there was more of a variety within the Teen Fiction genre on Wattpad than there is today. There were stories of family, friendship, and of course, romance. More on that later…. There is nothing wrong with more people reading. However, although there were still thousands of users, there was a stronger sense of community.

The community forums were smaller, and you could actually talk and speak to other people. Now, you have hundreds of comments on one forum, and it can be tough to join a club. Going on the app now makes me overwhelmed.


My recommendations are questionable, and the discover page makes it hard to breathe. Does anyone else experience this? How many times am I going to see the popular page filled with bad boy cliches?

No, I have not. Moreover, I keep seeing the same events happen over and over? Like all the bad boys are boxers or drag racers. And I keep seeing the same scene of his matches and teaching the girl how to fight. Except that the author has no real knowledge of boxing and does no research, so the girl stupidly sticks her thumbs in her fists.

Where is the scene where they work on footwork or how to correctly throw a punch? As the bad boy cliche stories are becoming more popular, users are reading about toxic and controlling relationships.

my bully wattpad

These writers romanticize abuse and control. The bad boy continuously tells the girl what to do.Join e-book community where readers and writers discover, share, and connect. Provide support for your customers, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Discover Wattpad: At Wattpad, we're connecting a global community through the power of the story. This is a Beta version of Wattpad. That means this version gives you early access to new and experimental features we're trying out. Related Searches wattpad download wattpad wattpad for laptop wattpad download. Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating. User Rating. Apply Filters. Results for download wattpad for pc.

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Publisher: Wattpad Downloads: 35, WhatsApp for PC. Publisher: WhatsApp Downloads: 7, Kindle for PC.An angry coworker gets his revenge on two bullies In which a bullying older brother gets far more than he bargained for! The week of spring break a group of guys in college bully and beat me up taking the keys to my limited edition sports car. It was over a week before my car was returned to me. My car now a complete wreck was used abused and ruined.

I was horrified my pride and joy it was my only prize possession. The ordeal of it all was so powerful it affected my sexual desires My first day at work changed from technology, to a run-in with an old friend from years back While Justin is on holidays, Rick dresses as a girl to get a guy and learns a lot more about him Posh middle-aged British ladies get tricked into an orgy She was married to a parson with high expectations of his wife but of low moral character himself.

Soon his wife had said enough is enough About how me and my twin sister had our fitst sexual encounter Kristal loves sex. Too bad the guy she's fucking is in the mob and she's a suspect to whatever he's doing. The only way to stay alive is to take in the mob's hit man as her boyfriend. Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers This is a continuing story that started with my neighborhood friend, Sean, who asked me to sucks dicks with him after he had been enticed to suck his cousin's dick, but the cousin didn't return the favor.

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A story of a man who wakes up in a young mans body during World war